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I will get you the best mortgage and lowest interest rate possible. That is my job. As your Mortgage Broker, I will bring integrity, knowledge of Calgary real estate and unparalleled service through the process of every residential and commercial mortgage.

My specialty is mortgages and financial advice in Calgary and beyond. I connect Calgarians with the best mortgages and financial solutions.

How I earn your business

My broker service is free of charge. I provide you with the best rates and terms. In return, I’m paid by the banks.

I broker under Paragon Mortgage. We do billions of dollars with the banks every year. Our group discounts are passed on directly to you.

I’m with you through the life of the mortgage. Unlike banks, my service doesn’t end when the paperwork is signed. I’ll continue to be your financial guide and provide advice to make the most out of your investment.

5 star reviews. A proven track record with years of experience and past clients to prove it. Check out my Google reviews.


Get the best mortgage rates

I believe everyone has the right to access the best mortgage rates and receive independent financial advice to achieve your long term home or business goals. I can get you the best rates and best mortgage products because I am part of one of Canada’s top rated brokerages. 


Build your wealth

Real estate is the most widely available tool for financial freedom. I believe that everyone has the ability to invest in real estate – with creativity, action and good timing.

Every mortgage is different

I work for you and not the banks. Every new mortgage, renewal and refinancing is custom arranged for you and your home. The financial advice is unbiased, and the mortgage offerings are personalized.


I shop around for you to find the mortgage that works best for you.


When it’s time to renew, I will make sure your mortgage is renewed to match your financing needs.


Goals change over time. Refinancing can open up funds for your next project, trip or home.


I understand this niche area of lending. Mortgages for your next business or commercial project – from restaurants to land development. 


Get approved with superior rates for your next rental property or investment. Flexible options to match your investment. 


Creative options for self-employed individuals to maximize your financing options.


Range of products for newcomers to Canada and non-permanent residents with limited credit. 


Flexible financing options for any borrower over the age of 55 – even if you don’t have an income.




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Over 30 preferred lenders

I am connected to Canada’s top lenders.

I’ll shop around over 30 lenders to find the best mortgage for you. My relationships with Canada’s top mortgage lenders, banks and financial institutions means you can be confident you are getting the rates and terms that match your financial goals.

Through my dedicated and personalized service, you can be confident you are getting the best mortgage.

Mortgage advice and news

Professional Mortgage Advice

Calgary is an incredible city. I am proud to call it my home and have my business here. Now I want to make Calgary an even better city – for my family and yours.

I was raised in Calgary and met my wife here. She is a dance teacher and also a local business owner, and we have two kids – a girl who is just getting into kindergarten and a boy starting preschool.

As a business owner and dedicated community member, I want Calgary to be the best place to raise a family. And this starts by connecting Calgarians with mortgages that work for them and their homes.

Residential and Commercial Mortgages

I am a mortgage broker with years of experience in real estate appraisal and development in Calgary. I facilitate mortgages and investment opportunities to create wealth for Calgarians the same way I do for my own family. For every size and type of mortgage, I offer personalized advice and authentic service.


Home Builder and Real Estate Expert

I am the owner of the award-winning luxury home builder, MiNo Homes. My experience in real estate development means I consider the details that few mortgage brokers think about. These are the details that will make a big difference when purchasing your next home and will prepare you for a smooth transaction.


After visiting the banks and not getting exactly what I wanted, I was referred to Abbas from my accountant. Within a couple of days, he made it happen!

Chung Niem


What an incredible team to have on your side. They helped me through the whole process and without their guidance I would have been completely lost. They had advice around every corner and we ready for my phone calls whenever I had questions. Truly better than I ever could have imagined.

Focal Signs, Calgary


I would recommend Abbas if your having a hard time getting approved or can’t get the rate you think you deserve.

Chris Kenny

Need a mortgage? We can help.

Every mortgage is different. That is why I customize our advice and mortgage offerings for every Calgarian. The first step is to tell us a bit about yourself and your financial goals, so I can start searching for the best rates, products and options for you.

And if you have more questions, see some frequently-asked-questions below or send us a message.



How are you different than a bank?

My job is to help you find the mortgage that best matches your goals – for your finances, home and family. Unlike banks, I am not trying to sell products or push sales. I shop Canada’s top mortgage lenders to find the mortgage that works best for you. I complete all the research so you can be confident in your mortgage.

How are you different than other mortgage brokers?

I am also a custom home builder that understands the intricacies of real estate development in the Calgary area. I have experience in residential and commercial appraisal, so I know the Calgary real estate market. I offer custom service and personalized advice for every client and financial solutions for any range of project type or size. 

Do you offer mortgages for commercial projects?

Yes – I offer mortgages for residential, commercial and construction projects. I am highly experienced in the niche of commercial financing and mortgages. In fact, I am also experienced in commercial appraisal.

No matter the size or type of project, I work with every client with the same level of service.

What are your rates?

I have connections to 30 lenders from Canada’s top banks and financial institutions. My relationships to these lenders means I can offer you clients a mortgage with the best rates and options to fit you real estate goals. I am happy to create a custom rate package for you – simply fill out an application to get started.

What is the difference between an insured mortgage and a conventional mortgage?

An insured mortgage is when you have less than 20% to put as a down payment on your purchase. By law, banks cannot lend more than 80% of the value of the home unless CMHC, Genworth or Canada Guaranty insures it. These insurers protect the lender against default. An insurance premium is charged and is added to your mortgage amount.

A conventional mortgage is when you have 20% or more to put as a down payment on your purchase. In most cases, there is no insurance premium charged. Occasionally, the lender may still need to have the mortgage insured through CMHC, Genworth or Canada Guaranty depending on the location of the property or type of property being purchased.

Are Mortgages Brokers for clients who can't qualify at a bank?

This is the biggest misconception with using a Mortgage Broker. The truth is mortgage brokers help everyone get a mortgage approval. 

What is the Home Buyers Plan?

The Home Buyers Plan is a federal government program that allows each borrower to use up to $35,000 from your RRSP’s, without paying income tax when you withdraw it when you purchase a home.

What is the Purchase Plus Improvements Plan?

This plan lets you add the cost of upgrades to your mortgage before you move in! Eligible upgrades include – a new electrical service, a new roof, central air, a new furnace, new siding, doors, windows, a new kitchen, carpeting… or any other renovation that would increase the value of the home.

The way it works is like this… Let’s assume that you are a first time buyer and have 5% down payment. Before the mortgage financing is arranged, written quotes are obtained from licensed contractors for the repairs and or the improvements to be done to the home. When the application for mortgage financing is made, the request is made for 95% of the purchase price PLUS 95% of the cost to complete the improvements.

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